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TM-gallery, panorama Oratorio Olive grove The dream of Jacob Big light Tempel Taizu Emerald Coral Silhouette Blue dream Graveclothes Icon Mary's room Mary's room (small) Mary's thrones Pastoral The dream of Jacob Moon Sun


Cross after Tyko Sallinen Passion Flower Summer of Lapland Block Mirror Garden The Defence of the Sampo Samurai Returning Home The Unknown Soldier The Unknown Soldier, detail Fjeld Reflection


Untitled Geisha The Tree of Baptism, Kallavesi Church, Kuopio City Lights Garland Oval Gate Rosegarden Samurai Suprematistic relief The Eternity of the Sky The Rowan of Ural The Rowan of Ural (small II) Venice


Relief I Relief II Relief III Glow The Mandolin Man's Journey Näätämö Relic Cross Rosegarden The Old City




Scream Cross and Riza Forest Flowers Untitled Frost Untitled Andalucia | 2013 Room


Peonies Garden | 2012 Storm | 2012 The Burning Bush The Mandolinman's Journey | 2012 The Leaves of Memory | 2012 Calla | 2012 Untitled Orangerie (red) Orangerie (green)


The Last Supper The Last Supper | installation The Last Supper | The Lamb The Last Supper | The lamb, detail The Heart of Night The Swell of Life The Full Cup


Black Angel The Sky Reddens in East - Does It Mean a Storm Sunset at Neulalampi Lake Architectones Tell Me Do the Ships of My Childhood Come To Me Again Tell Me Do the Ships of My Childhood Come To Me Again Thought

2000 -

Saint Georg Slayes the Drake The Night Is Falling Wheel of Life September 2008 The Creation of Adam Broken Jar Mirror The Exile from Paradise | 2007 Allegorie Landscape The Deposition The Deposition The Virgin Mary's Room Icon Chest Raphael's Angel Inkheart Cross and Riza Pedigree Autumn Cross The Virgin Mary's Room Jacob's Battle The Harbour of Leaving Ships The Harbour of Leaving Ships Suprematistic Space Icon Icon of Tenderness Fairy

1990 - (Ars Fennica)

Conversation With a Celestial Being The Virgin Mary's Chair The Empty Tomb Venice How Shall I Compare the Kingdom of Heaven Mirror The Virgin Mary's Room The Virgin Mary's Room Christmas Night Maybe Longing Is Also Needed Panorama from Ars Fennica Exhibition

1990 -

To the Virgin Mary Confinement ...and there shall be no more death... Variations on the Theme of the Virgin Mary's Chair The Virgin Mary's Chair Sun and Shield Big Light Venezia Upper Hall Arena Sign of Storm The Sun King The Stream of Life

1980 -

Alpha and Omega Burning Repared Travelling Altar The Empress Double Study Disturber of the Peace Death of the Cross IV Death of the Cross VI (n this Summer) The Three Sisters The One wWho Doesn't Remember Illusion IV Illusion I Illusion II Novgorod Solar Eclipse Two Big Lights The Wedding at Cana Tutankhamun's Chariots


The last supper | The Lamb The last supper Thought The Stream of Life Altar Tripthyc Sauna ja sisu Pennies from Heaven Kallavesj' The Stream of Life Vim Altarpiece